In the past few years, I’ve done some research on the many questions about Moshiach and Rebbe and Dor Hashvi’i that have been buzzing in Lubavitch since Gimmel Tammuz. More recently, after having some discussions/debates with others about these very issues, I thought it would be worthwhile to record my findings and share them with others, for the benefit of myself, and you, the reader.

While being aware that these issues quickly bring up a lot of passion on both sides of the spectrum, I hope that you’ll be able to remain calm and see this subject as I see it. I like to hope I’m an intellectually honest person; if you bring up a valid point or source that I may have missed or misinterpreted, I will openly admit I am wrong and revise my views accordingly. I am simply a young Chossid searching for the truth: the truth of Moshiach, the truth of the Rebbe, and the truth of what he taught us.

An important note: historical perspective is relevant in any conversation, but especially in this one. There are a great many occurrences that transpired in the last few years before Gimmel Tammuz which have not been published. It is imperative to discover these things and verify them, while at the same time realizing how little we know about what happened in those years, “behind closed doors”. Nevertheless, while there are others who have taken an historical perspective on the issues at hand (see the top link on the right), I’m approaching the subject from more of an academic perspective, examining the relevant sources and determining what holds up to scrutiny and what doesn’t.

I hope you will find this blog to bring a little more honest truth and discovery to these issues. Please join the discussion in the comments. Just remember to keep it civil, and more importantly, productive. If you have nothing intelligent to add to the conversation, don’t bother commenting.